Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI) is a problem-specific solutions company centrally located in Mt. Gilead, Ohio. It is our goal to bring extreme duty, high performance, custom-made products that are only available to high-end customers, to end users. We find products being used by industrial and commercial customers and offer them in small quantities to everyday users. Products that have been engineered to resolve issues, last longer, make equipment last longer, or improve efficiency.

The LSI list of brands include:

  • Hot Shot’s Secret – Oil and fuel additives for diesel and gas engines sold at retail and online as well as through distributors
  • Frantz Filters – Superior filtering system for diesel and gas engines sold online and through distributors
  • LSI Products – Oil and fuel additives for very specific applications sold online
  • Fluid Recovery – Responsibly producing premium antifreeze/coolant products through a proprietary refinement process

Powered By Science
Often heard as a promotional tagline, one of LSI’s success factors is the “Powered By Science” process that drives product development. LSI incorporates on-site research, development and discovery for tackling difficult to solve problems and uncovering effective solutions.

Problem-Specific Solutions
LSI has solved problems for some of the largest companies in North America, including: Nucor Steel, American Showa, Midwest Industries, X-Tec, among others. Introduced in 2005 by Chris Gabrelcik, the company’s flagship product, Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator, was originally developed for International Truck and Engine to resolve the issue with injectors on the Ford Power Stroke 6.0 liter engine.  Today, LSI focuses on solving issues directed at the oil, fuel and transmission systems of diesel and gas engines for the everyday consumer, fleet managers and repair shops.