Primrose Phaser 3000


  • Performance Characteristics:
  • Absorbs H2O
  • Prevents & Reverses Phase Separation
  • Prevents Rust & Corrosion
  • Fights Ethanol Problems
  • Optimize Marine Engine Performance
  • Provides Seasonal Storage Stability
  • Improves Combustion/Fuel Economy
  • Reduces Fuel Waste & Emissions
  • Prevents Harmful Engine Acids

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Phaser 3000 is recommended for use in gasoline and diesel* of all grades particularly ethanol blended gasoline to prevent the corrosive effects of engine acids created during combustion – including internal combustion engines that are located in salt water and fresh water environments. It also is recommended to absorb moisture, prevent icing and stalling, remove carbon, gum, sludge and varnish deposits, improve combustion, clean injectors and carburetors, free sluggish valves, improve performance and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Phaser 3000 is recommended to provide sufficient water removal and keep-clean performance at a maintenance treat rate of 1:500 in humid or wet environments. It may also be used at a treat rate up to 1:1000.

Phase Reversal
If phase separation has occurred, the fuel is non-compliant and unusable. It may take one gallon of Phaser 3000 for every 30-100 gallons of gasoline to achieve Phase Reversal. A 1:30 separation reversal dosage is for 10% ethanol containing gasoline that has been contaminated with ½% water. Different variables – those being temperature and barometric pressure – can change the dosage needed to return a phase separated gasoline back to a homogeneous state. The amount of water and ethanol present will also affect the amount of Phaser 3000 needed to phase reverse the separated gasoline. If the percentage of ethanol in the gasoline is unknown, begin by treating the gasoline at 1:100. Continue adding Phaser 3000 if necessary while re-circulating the mixture until the phase separated gasoline reverts back to a homogeneous state. Phaser 3000 will not rid the fuel of other contaminants that may have been introduced along with the excess water: i.e., sludge, microorganisms, foreign matter, etc.

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