532-T 5 Gallon


  • Additives for your hydraulic or tractor fluid
  • Complete Additive Package
  • Seal Swealant
  • Reduced Temperature
  • Reduced Wear
  • Increased Power Transfer
  • Extend Life of Lines and Fluid

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A tractor hydraulic-transmission fluid, seal saving additive concentrate for use as a supplement to a finished fluid.
The seal saving additive in Seal Saver safely conditions and preserves all seal elastomers with a controlled expansive effect to reduce and eliminate leaks. In the process, it preserves seals and keeps them pliable. Seal Saver prevents drying, shrinking, hardness and cracking of seals, the cause of excessive leakage and replacements.

Seal Saver combines the seal saving agent described above with additional foam inhibitor. Foam can be a big problem in tractor fluids, because excessive foam causes pressure build-up which can pop seals, and Seal Saver will help prevent this from occurring. Seal Saver also contains viscosity index modifiers for added film strength and reduced wear. In addition it contains our exclusive adhesive/cohesive additive which gives the lubricant a great affinity for attraction to itself as well as to the metal surfaces it contacts. This also imparts a non-drip property to the oil which will by itself, slow down the rate of leakage which occurs independently from the seal saving additive.

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