LSI 500L Oil Bypass Filter


• Filters dirt and contaminants down to 1-micron
• Helps your injectors last longer; up to 500,000 miles
• Helps your engine last much longer
• Gives you better performance
• Gives you extended drain intervals
• Improves the resale value of your truck
• *Recommended for big-rig, semi trucks and other heavy duty applications. For automotive and pickup-truck bypass filters manufactured by LSI, visit

The 500L Bypass Filter is made to remove all particles above 1 micron from your engine oil. Using one of these filters will reduce wear metals making your engine last at least twice as long. Most of the wear in your engines come from particles under 10 microns. Removing these particles will remove the abrasive wear from your engine.

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The 500L will last over 100,000 miles before the filter cartridge needs to be changed.
Note: Hoses and adapters are not included with this bypass filter purchases due the various applications. These items may be purchased at any local hardware store.

• One steel canister
• One 1-micron filter cartridge
• 2 mounting brackets
• 4 bolts
• 1-micron filter cartridges are available separately

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