751 Syn-O-Gen


  • Applications:
  • Passenger car automatic transmissions
  • Mobile hydraulic systems
  • Truck automatic transmissions
  • Industrial applications
  • Off-highway construction, agricultural and mining equipment
  • Marine hydraulics
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Syn-O-Gen Universal ATF No. 751 is a new and versatile multi-functional power transmission fluid which satisfies the need of automotive, industrial and marine markets. In addition to worldwide passenger car automatic transmission requirements, Syn-O-Gen meets and exceeds all industrial powershift transmission requirements for heavy equipment and all hydraulic pump manufacturers’ requirements for industrial hydraulic oils and hydrostatic drive fluids.

Syn-O-Gen Universal ATF No. 751 is a carefully balanced formulation of pure synthetic base oils and additives which combine both superior anti-wear performance and clutch plate friction retention characteristics with oxidation and corrosion inhibitors for exceptional thermal stability and protection against rust and corrosion.

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