Mt Gilead, OH, (March 9, 2022) – Lubrication Specialties (LSI), manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret™, announces the addition of Ben Haws as the company’s new digital marketing manager and Chris Lane as Hot Shot’s Secret’s new field marketing representative.

Haws recently joined Lubrication Specialties to develop and oversee both paid and unpaid digital marketing campaigns to ensure strong SEO, awareness, engagement, and sales of the company’s flagship Hot Shot’s Secret performance brand. Collaborating with the company’s brand manager and marketing director, Haws will develop strategies to build brand loyalty solicited from both new and returning users for multiple markets. He will also work to increase educational opportunities for Hot Shot’s Secret’s dealer network and fleets. Haws has 10 years of experience in digital media production and marketing and received his B.A. in Media Communication from Union University and a Master of Business Administration in 2021 from Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

Chris Lane is Hot Shot’s Secret’s new field marketing representative that is working directly with and reporting to Hot Shot’s Secret Director of Branding and Promotions, Kyle Fischer. In this new position, Lane will create programs that will drive brand loyalty and develop strategies to increase brand awareness at consumer and trade events. With a professed obsession with semi-trucks and racing; two important markets for Hot Shot’s Secret, he is a true motorsports enthusiast who says he has had a strong interest with semis since he was a kid and considers this position to represent Hot Shot’s Secret his dream job. With an ever-expanding collection of performance vehicles including Corvettes and Trans Ams, he has co-hosted No Prep Racing events throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan and has been the starter (flashlight guy) at races across the country.

Lubrication Specialties President, Brett Tennar says, “Rarely do we find people that have a true passion for their work and are able to hit the job running. Haws has a proven track record with creative digital strategies that are executed flawlessly, and Chris is a natural in his role as a field marketing representative. He has even used our products for three years and can speak about their effectiveness first-hand. We are fortunate to have both on board and look forward to their contribution to the long-term growth of Hot Shot’s Secret.”

Hot Shot’s Secret offers a diverse line of high-performance and preventative maintenance products including fuel and oil additives, engine and gear oil, greases, lubricants, and coolants for gas- and diesel-powered vehicles. Major markets include automotive, heavy-duty, fleet, motorsports, RV, and agriculture.

For more information about Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Gold Eagle Company, visit, or call toll-free 800-341-6516. For more information about Hot Shot’s Secret visit