Primrose 206-M


  • 12 TBN Multigrade Motor Oil
  • API CI-4 Plus/SLSAE 15W40
  • High Detergent
  • Long Lasting
  • Great for High Mileage Vehicles
  • Triple refined base oil that can out-perform synthetics in some instances.
  • Blended with Moly-D: oil soluble Moly that protects your engine
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This 12 TBN, super universal oil is superior to all other engine oils on the market for either gasoline or diesel engines, exceeding SJ/CH-4 performance requirements as well as all major engine manufacturers’ specifications.

The Duragard 12 TBN heavy-duty additive system has been field-tested over 20 million miles in Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, and Mack engines. The largest single field test covering 13.5 million miles was conducted with 45 Detroit Diesel 6V-92TTA engines in line-haul service. The Duragard 12 TBN system was compared to other commercial grade diesel engine oils.

TBN (Total Base Number) is the total detergent/dispersant alkalinity available in an engine oil to neutralize acids. This oil is a 12 TBN formulation. Extensive field tests show superior deposit control to any other oil on the market. The reason for better performance is higher detergent alkalinity. Detergent alkalinity has been directly correlated with reduced ring wear, improved piston cleanliness, reduced bearing wear, improved oil consumption, and better fuel economy.

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