Hot Shot's Secret Stiction Eliminator 2 QT

Hot Shot’s Secret Stiction Eliminator

Oil Additive


  • Improved Power
  • Improved Compression
  • Removed Engine Deposits
  • Seals Rings Better
  • Neutralized Harmful Engine Acids
  • Reduced Frictional Drag
  • Prevent Excessive Wear
  • Reduced Lifter and Valve Noise
  • Restored Oil Pressure
  • Reduced Blow-By
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Scientifically formulated to eliminate the stiction build-up that causes most injectors to fail. Pour one treatment of our Original Stiction Eliminator into your oil BEFORE replacing your injectors. In less than 4,000 miles you will see, hear and feel the difference as your injectors come back on line. And you’ll save thousands of dollars by not replacing injectors that weren’t broken to begin with! When used in conjunction with Diesel Extreme (fuel additive), your engine will regain its original performance power. Recommended for ALL diesel and gasoline engines.

Typical Applications and Mixtures:
Hot Shot’s Secret is made for all engines. We recommend using with a fresh oil change, ideally with a full synthetic motor oil. Hot Shot’s Secret is made up of 100% additives so it can stay in the oil for the entire oil change.

For initial cleanup in pickup trucks, add 1 bottle per oil change replacing 2 quarts of oil; for prevention, use half a bottle. For initial cleanup in semi trucks, add 2 bottles per oil change replacing 4 quarts of oil; for prevention, use one bottle.

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